Change OE trailer wiring from 7pin -> 13 pin

If you have OE Volvo trailer hitch + 7 PIN wiring module and you want to make a swap to 13PIN module then the only thing you need to do is to buy new wiring and install it exactly the same route as you have your old wiring.

Connectors are the same. You may require additional relays on boards (included in set).

You don’t need to make any additional modifications like uploading new software to trailer module or changing anything in VIDA software.

By this change you should have additional +12V and reverse lights.

If everything is setup correctly and you have original software in trailer module then it should work like below:

When caravan or trailer is connected then:

  • Fog rear car light should be disabled. Fog light should be on only in caravan/trailer
  • Reverse lights should be both in car and caravan/trailer
  • Reverse sensors should be disabled
  • Engine power should be limited (only V8)

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