LED tail-lights hack for cars


For MY 2012, new LED tail-lights became available and if you want to mod your <2012 car and put the new shiny LEDs you may see an orange triangle on your dash and a warning message that your lights are burned out.

The following hack shows how to disable this warning and message.

Before lift <2007

Make a smal modification to components in your REM module as below

  1. Stop lights – Pull left pin (nr 5) up on the top resistor marked red
  2. Running lights – Pull left pin (nr 5) up on the resistors marked blue. Usually the Stop light is the only issue so you don’t have to perform this. But if you have problem with running lights go first with the top one then if it still doesn’t work with the bottom.

REM xc90 001 2005


After lift >=2007

Make a smal modification to component in your CEM module as below. This requires a soldering skills.

  1. Remove CEM – Instruction here
  2. Pull the left middle pin from the module up (so it’s not touching the board). It should stay disconnected.
  3. Put a 10kOhm 0.5W resistor between the board (middle left) and the the bottom pin on right (pin should stay soldered).

xc90 cem 2007

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